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Forces persuade generic drug expansion in the United States

The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration, as protectors of public health, encourages generic drug development and use so that patients can access affordable medications. The FDA, however, has limited mechanisms to encourage generic drug manufacturing.

Generic drug manufacturers make decisions regarding development of products based on expected profitability, influenced by market forces, features of the reference listed drug, and manufacturing capabilities, as well as regulatory restrictions. Barriers to the development of generic drugs include the challenge of demonstrating bioequivalence of some products, particularly those that are considered to be complex generics.

A generic drug is equivalent to it's brand name counterpart, but is usually much less expensive. A generic drug must have the same active ingredients, route of administration, dosage form, strength, and indications as the original brand product. Generic drugs are approved by the U.S. Food an…

How Can An NRI Start A Private Limited Company In India?

A Non Resident Indian (NRI), being an Indian citizen living abroad possesses a number of opportunities for investment in India. Being a stakeholder in the nation’s development by bringing in valuable foreign exchange, the rights of an NRI is well protected by the government. While most investments of NRIs are directed towards traditional modes like real estate and gold, a good number of non residents is not averse to exploring avenues of the corporate world. With faster, simplified procedures and electronic submission of documents, NRIs are finding it convenient to start businesses in India. Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships are the most sought after business types by NRIs.

Steps to be taken by NRI/PIO to start a business in India. - 

Get a PIO card, it entitles you with the same benefits which are extended to an Indian citizen as far as business and tax issues are concerned. It also provides you with a benefit of visa-free entry for 15 years and permits you to engage in businesses and own property in your own name.
Note-If you are a NRI then you do not require a PIO card.

Get a PAN card issued in your name from income-tax department. Any person whether a NRI or an Indian citizen or of Indian origin making an investment of over ` 50,000 is required to cite his/her PAN number. A pan card also serves to be an identification tool as it has your photo on it.

If you want to initiate business in India but you do not wish to move here then you need partner/s in India for carrying out your venture. Select your partner/s on the basis of his/her past records, integrity and other personal aspects and avoid choosing them on the basis of your emotional relationships.

Choose a Proper Business Entity. You can choose partnership, sole proprietorship, company or any other form of business entity. But make sure that whichever form you are incorporating, you follow all the instructions and regulations associated with it.

After successful completion of all the above steps you are ready to launch into business. Ensure that your company is a member of all the business organizations related to the sector it is engaged in.

If you are into export/import business you must get yourself registered with the Director General of Foreign Trade. The application form for the same requires a bank account number and a letter from the bank along with the details of Partners/directors. This process takes about 2-3 weeks.

Note:- OCI should not be mistaken with Dual Citizenship. India does not grant dual citizenship.
What is a PIO card?

PIO card was launched in 1999 to make the visits of PIOs to India easier, flexible and to provide several other benefits like:

  • He/she doesn't have to apply for a Visa to visit India, PIO card serves the same purpose.
  • He/she doesn't require a 'Student' Visa for education nor does he/she require 'Employment' Visa for employment in India.
  • He/she enjoys the same privileges which are extended to the NRIs in matters related to acquisition, holding, transfer and disposal of immovable property in India except issues related to acquisition of agricultural/plantation properties.

NOTE:- PIO card holders don’t enjoy any political rights in India.

A person who at any time held an Indian passport or his parents or grandparents were born or permanently resided in India, provided that they had not at any time acquired citizenship of Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan; or who is a spouse of an Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin.

What is a OCI card?

OCI card scheme was started on 2nd December, 2005 to provide certain privileges to the People of Indian Origin who have moved from India and have acquired citizenship of a foreign country (except Pakistan and Bangladesh).


A foreign national, who was eligible to become citizen of India on 26.01.1950, or was a citizen of India on or at anytime after 26.01.1950, or belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15.08.1947, and their children and grand children, is eligible for registration as Overseas Citizen of India, provided that the person has never been a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh.

*You would loose your foreign citizenship after you become an Indian citizen.

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